Saturday, March 14, 2009

Which Side Are You On

Pete Seeger sings a song that befits at least one of our clergy here in the Central Vally.

Which side are you on, boys?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on, boys?
Which side are you on?

You may be asking who is Fred talking about -- but first let's explain why.  Last week the Anglican Communion Institute published a rather nasty little ditty about the Presiding Bishop and the Chancellor of the Episcopal Church.  I refer you first to this by Fr. Mark:

and then there is this little ditty from our good father, Father Christian Troll over at GAFCON:

Now, you may ask, what has that got to do with the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin?  Well, you may remember back when we were forced to rebuild the diocese in March of 2008 and there was one priest and his loyal followers that came to the convention, pledged their loyalty to the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and then promptly blasted the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Lamb, Father Mark, the new standing committee and just about everyone else.  He claimed to be the sole member of the Standing Committee and that he was the only one who was right.  

Then, a little later, in October he came to the convention and said everything would be okay if he could just be a member of the diocese. He posed a resolution that entitled his parish to special treatment.  That was defeated.  His parishioner/delegates tried to hijack a resolution to study the marginalized members of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and that was defeated.  I could go on a little more about money and things like that but that is unseemly.

Now we get this stinging letter from the Anglican Communion Institute that is written and supported by the Communion Partners.  Who are these "Communion Partners".  Well, the top tier is a group of Bishops, many which have one foot out the door.

Formal Name Diocese
The Rt. Rev. James M. Adams, Jr. Western Kansas
The Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt Tennessee
The Rt. Rev. Alden M. Hathaway Pittsburgh-Retired
The Rt. Rev. John W. Howe D.D. Central Florida
The Rt. Rev. Russell E. Jacobus D.D. Fon Du Lac
The Rev. Canon Paul E. Lambert Dallas
The Rt. Rev. Mark Joseph Lawrence South Carolina
The Rt. Rev. Gary R. Lillibridge West Texas
The Rt. Rev. Edward Stuart Little, II Northern Indiana
The Rt. Rev. William H. Love Albany
The Rt. Rev. D. Bruce MacPherson Western Louisiana
The Rt. Rev. Michael G. Smith North Dakota
The Rt. Rev. James Monte Stanton Dallas
The Rt. Rev. Don A. Wimberly Texas
The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf Rhode Island

But then we also have THIS group of Communion Rectors:

Formal NameGoes ByPositionChurch#BMDiocese
The Rev. Dr. Charles AlleyChuckRectorSt. Matthew’s Episcopal Church970Virginia
The Rev. Christopher L. AshmoreKipRectorTrinity Episcopal Church137Springfield
The Rev. Phyllis BartlePhyllisRectorSt. Jude’s Episcopal Church250Central Florida
The Rev. Christopher Andrew BowhayChrisRectorSt. Thomas’ Episcopal Church1,990Texas
The Rt. Rev. Anthony J. BurtonTonyRectorChurch of the Incarnation3,380Dallas
The Very Reverend Anthony ClarkTonyDeanSt. Luke’s Cathedral1,130Central Florida
The Rev. Anthony F. M. ClavierTonyRectorSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church165Northern Indiana
The Rev. Joseph N. DavisJoeRectorChurch of the Resurrection168Tennessee
The Rev. Mifflin Dove, Jr.MifflinRectorSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church130Texas
The Rev. Robert G. EatonRobRectorSt. John Episcopal Church142San Joaquin
The Rev. Richard H. ElwoodDickRectorSt. Barnabas Episcopal Church680Texas
The Rev. Frank FullerFrankRectorSt. Mark’s Episcopal Church930Texas
The Rev. Ronald Greiser, Jr.RonRectorSt. John’s Episcopal Church290Southern Virginia
The Rev. Laurens A. HallLarryRectorSt. John the Divine3,560Texas
The Rev. John M. Himes, OSFJohnRectorTrinity Episcopal Church387Texas
The Rev. Charles HoltCharlesRectorSt. Peter’s Episcopal Church595Central Florida
The Rev. Thomas HotchkissTomRectorChurch of The Advent425Tennessee
The Rev. Robert T. JenningsRobinRectorSt. Francis in the Fields2,000Kentucky
The Rev. Bennett G. Jones IIBenRectorSt. Paul Episcopal Church250Northern Indiana
The Rev. Stuart Brooks Keith, IIIBrooksRectorEpiscopal Church of the Transfiguration230Colorado
The Rev. Jerome A. KramerJerryRectorChurch of the Annunciation115Louisiana
The Rev. Gerald W. Krumenacker, Jr.GeraldRectorChrist Church260Dallas
The Rev. Ronald James LeBlancJimmyPriest-in-ChargeChurch of the Incarnation20Western Louisiana
The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.RussRectorSt. Martin’s Episcopal Church8,500Texas
The Rev. John S. LieblerJohnRectorSt. Andrew’s Church and Academy395Central Florida
The Very Rev. Dr. Jean McCurdy MeadeJeanRectorMount Olivet Episcopal Church100Louisiana
The Rev. Mark A. MichaelMarkRectorSaint Paul’s Episcopal Church255Maryland
The Rev. Ian MontgomeryIanRectorSt. Thomas Church1,121Fond du Lac
The Rev. David G. NewhartDaveRectorSt. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church172Central Florida
The Rev. John NewtonJohnRectorMessiah Episcopal Church425Minnesota
The Very Rev. Timothy C. NunezTimRectorSt. Mary’s Episcopal Church270Central Florida
The Rev. Robert P. PriceRobRectorSt. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church1,414Texas
The Rev. Bruce M. Robison, D.Min.BruceRectorSt. Andrew’s Episcopal Church420Pittsburgh
The Rev. Mark SeitzMarkRectorSt. Matthew’s Episcopal Church325West Virginia
The Rev. Dr. Jerry SmithJerryRectorSt. Bartholomew’s Parish1,300Tennessee
The Rev. Leigh SpruillLeighRectorSt. George’s Episcopal Church2,140Tennessee
The Very Rev. Canon Harold L. Trott, SSCHaroldVicarChurch of Our Saviour70Rio Grande
The Rev. Eric W. Turner, Sr.EricRectorSt. John’s Episcopal Church900Central Florida
The Rev. Guido VerbeckGuidoRectorSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church1,995Western Louisiana
The Very Rev. Dr. Edward A. Weiss, OSB, APCEdwardRectorChurch of Our Saviour263Central Florida
The Rev. John T. WellsJohnRectorEpiscopal Church Of The Holy Spirit350Texas
The Rev. Stockton WilliamsStocktonRectorSt. Peter’s Episcopal Church960West Texas
The Rev. Michael WyckoffMichaelRectorSt. Luke’s on the Lake920Texas
TOTAL RECTORS: 4441,269 

From the latest publication from this group we have this:

 meeting of Communion Partner Primates, Bishops and Rectors is scheduled for April 16-17, 2009 at St. Martin’s in Houston, Texas. Will you join us? Communion Partners is a way to identify with the missionary and the theological distinctives of the Anglican Communion of Churches.

And so in the words of Pete Seeger we ask our "Lone Ranger":

Which side are you on, boys?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on, boys?
Which side are you on?

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Unknown said...

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