Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Do Old Guys Get To Make War?

The Archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola has provided opening remarks for the meeting of the Church of Nigeria's Standing Committee.  He has clearly hit upon a multiplicity of issues we hope he does work on -- perhaps just not what he expected.
We are glad to welcome back home our CANA bishop, Martyn Minns. With us at this meeting is Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh. Bob leads the Common Cause Partnership that will soon metamorphose against all odds into a new Anglican Province in North America.

Apparently he has not gotten the word that Bob Duncan is a Mr. not a Bishop and Martyn Minns is a hanger-on.  Bob may lead the CCP but it ain't gonna metamorphose into anything of the sort.  He needs to check with a couple other provinces.

 We have not been able to deal with the fundamental problems of our brokenness nor see through decisions taken at previous meetings of the Primates.  

Healing begins with forgiveness and you refuse to pass the peace with Bishop Schori nor will you break bread with her.  

On my return from Egypt, I issued a letter to the faithful titled ‘a wake up call’. I also sent an open letter to our chairman, Dr Rowan. In both, I made it clear that America is not thinking of backing off from its new religion. And the rest of us desiring to keep the unity and structures of the Communion by all means including losing our faith and churches risk the danger of becoming a church that has the appearance of being alive but in reality are no more than what Prof John Mbiti once described as the ‘living-dead.’  

How about instead of talking all the time you try listening.  God gave us one mouth and two ears so that we could listen twice as much as we talk.

GAFCON continues to wax stronger. Membership of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans is growing in many parts of the world beyond our own imagination. Here at home, some of our senior lay leaders (Fellowship of Christian Patriots, FCP) organised a two-day celebration of the ideals of GAFCON with special lectures and service of praise and thanksgiving to God. We are deeply grateful to the Christian Patriots. I urge all our members to obtain copies of the lecture. The GAFCON Primate’s Council will meet in the UK after Easter. I ask for your prayers.  

If you worked within the existing structures of the Anglcian Communion and got rid of GAFCON and FCA and AAC and the Communion Partners and all the other alphabet soup perhaps we could begin the healing process you so generously wish to start.

 While it is expedient for governments of the developed world to roll out huge sums to bail out the ailing banks to enable the world come out of recession, a more godly and lasting solution is for the operators of the system to do a lot of soul searching and overcome their sin of selfishness, greed and avarice.  

Keep in mind when you point a finger at someone four fingers are pointing at you. How about you stop coveting the property of the Canadian and American churches.

 Nigeria sells its own oil, and rather than invest the proceeds wisely in productive sectors of the economy, its political leaders simply shamelessly and selfishly distribute the money in the name of remuneration packages, outrageous   allowances and totally unnecessary travels for estacode.  

When was the last time you tried to secure the freedom of over 200 hostages taken by the rebels of the areas primarily responsible for producing your oil.  When was the last time you thought about these folks? Oh, doesn't make any difference to you cause your too busy vacationing in the United Arab Emirates. 

 But to succeed we must curb our expensive and senseless taste for foreign goods and services, shun greed and all forms of corrupt practices and begin to ‘cut our coat according to available material’. He, who has ears to hear, let him hear…  

Is there any possibility you might follow your own advice?

There we have it. Archbishop Akinola has once again taken center stage.  Isn't he too old to be a bishop?  Isn't he supposed to retire?

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