Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fingerprints on The Weapon

For those of us in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin I would like to point out some interesting information. Long about 6 or so years ago the Canon to the Ordinary changed from a very capable person to the Reverend William Gandenberger. Things soon really heated up in our diocese. Mr. Gandenberger (he is now been deposed so he is merely a Mr.) started making the rounds with Bishop Schofield. He frequently spoke on behalf of the bishop. Now let me share some digging around.

First, to the best of my knowledge Bill Gandenberger is a member of the board of Trustees of the American Anglican Council and Forward in Faith in America, not John David Schofield. Mr. Gandenberger makes a huge deal out of him being one of the authors of the Jerusalem Declaration. He talk about spending the entire time in Jerusalem locked up behind closed doors and writing the document with "some other folks". Now, he indicates that at that time John David Schofield was out seeing the sights of the town or attending a religious rite of one kind or another but never having JDS so much as add one word to the Jerusalem Declaration nor even having JDS edit the document.

When there are interviews to be conducted by the press, the real press such as the Fresno Bee or the Modesto Bee or pretend press such as George Conger or David Virtue the quotes that come from Mr. Schofield's office always come from him, Gandenberger. That is to say Mr. Gandenberger says JDS believes this or JDS believes that or JDS has this or that to say. Rarely if ever, any more, does Mr. Schofield give a direct statement. This has become more pronounced as time passed and since the split has been an extremely common occurence. There is one quote on Father Simon Howson, where Gandenberger states that Father Howson, despite his being deposed in another diocese, has been found  by Mr. Schofield to be innocent of any charges in New York and could carry on his priestly duties in the Diocese of San Joaquin at St. Francis Turlock Parish.

There are a couple of explanations for this. First, JDS no longer exists and that in order to keep order in the Conealoneialist Diocese they must keep up the appearance that JDS is still among the living. You and I both know this would be a little too fantastic. Second, that John David Schofield is not really in charge any more and that he is the "puppet" that is propped up while Mr. Gandenberger is the real power behind the man. This would lead to the natural conclusion that when JDS does move on Mr. Gandenberger would of course inherit the pointy little hat. Hummmm, think a little about this one. Third, JDS has left virtually no fingerprints since his moving to the Southern Cone and has maximum deniability. He has not talked on his own, he has said nothing incriminating and he belongs to no group that would keep him out of recanting should he choose to do so. He has picked a series of clergy, mostly men, that he could then say he was "hijacked" and now wants to return to the fold. Knowing JDS, I kinda opt for this one. I can see him losing all the litigation, having but a rag tag rear element left of the conealoneialists left and having JDS abandon that rag tag group and decide to return so that he could spend the rest of his retirement in relative ease and peace and quiet. Gosh, where would that leave Mr. Gandenberger?

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