Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WARNING, WARNING: Coffee Out The Nose

In one of the growing number of cases that has been found in favor of The Episcopal Church, a Colorado Springs, CO judge, The Honorable Mr. Schwartz (a distant cousin I think) found that the separatist group currently occupying Grace Church and St. Stephens must give the building and grounds back to the only REAL ANGLICANS in the United States, the Episcopal Church.  Both parties are due back in "cousin's" courtroom shortly to argue about have fast this "vacation" should occur.  In an anti-clamatic twist of fate one of the issues raised by the TEC loyalists:   

Nussbaum also is asking that the congregation exiled from the $17-million Tejon Street property, Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal, be allowed to hire a security team to patrol the property to avoid theft. "We don't want a wholesale looting of the building," said Lynn L. Olney, senior warden of Grace Episcopal.

Actually Nussbaum is an attorney for the Diocese and is asking the judge for the interlopers to be removed by April 1, 2009 so the TEC folks may celebrate Palm Sunday in their building.  I am hopeful that you all understand that "coffee came out my nose" when I read the aforementioned quote. Perhaps the diocese should have done that first.  In fact, maybe if the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin hired a security force to patrol ALL of our buildings the wholesale looting would stop here also!

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