Monday, March 23, 2009

An Appeal to the Laity of San Joaquin

Gentle persons of the "Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin of the Province of the Southern Cone".  Time is running short.  We in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin are waiting for your return.  We have room in our hearts.  We talk about the "big tent" give us the opportunity to prove just how big we can make that tent.  We are not sure what you have been told but trust me when I say that most of what you have heard, if not all of what you have heard is just not true.  I have taken a look at your diocesan website and found that more and more you folks are not associating with other Episcopalians or other Anglicans, but rather non-denominational congregational churches.  Remember, you were going to get closer to the Anglican Communion?  How does "One Church, Many Congregations" sound to you?  Anglican?  

Have you seen the recent appellate court case New v. Kroeger?  While we may internally squabble about the issue of "who 'really' owns the property" take a look at this court case, it is binding precedent.  The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin owns the property.  For those who incorporated years ago, you lost the property the minute you left for the Province of the Southern Cone.  Please, do not take my word for it, look it up, the property does not belong to you.

Missing your friends?  Hard pressed to remember why you personally left?  Want to come home?  Want to continue to worship in that building you have for all these many years?  Long for the opportunity to pass the peace and receive communion with old friends?  

We are the valley!  Have things changed?  Yeah, they have indeed.  Can we go back to the way it was?  No, sorry but we cannot.  Do we have room under the tent for conservatives and moderates and liberals and all sorts and types?  You bet!  Wanna be a conservative in the 
Episcopal Church again?  We have room for you.  Is it going to be easy?  I do not think so.  Will it require a change in thinking for all of us?  I suppose so.  Are we going to argue?  Yeah, I bet we are.  Are we going to pass the peace and receive communion together in Christ's love?  I certainly hope so.  

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