Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thoughts On The Covenant This Holy Week

As we move into the the most sacred time of the year I offer some random thoughts on our proposed covenant.  I am hopeful they are not lost in some morass of global warfare.

Jesus allowed both Judas and Peter to exercise their free will and pick what they would do?  Both picked wrong but, when one asked for forgiveness was not denied the love no one deserves but everyone gets.

Jesus instituted the Eucharist and gave it freely to all the disciples, men and women.  And, to punctuate the need to be a servant, washed everyone's feet.  Not only did one servant need to wash but all servants needed to allow their feet to be washed.  Not some, all.

Jesus was not very popular, especially among the orthodox members of the Jewish tradition.  The Pharisees and Sadducee's grew to hate him for hanging out with sinners, tax collectors, all the general riffraff of the day.  But they condemned him to death when he told them they ought to do the same.

Jesus wept. Jesus asked for everyone to weep for the world.  Is it possible that death and destruction should be met with tears rather than death and destruction? 

Do you suppose Simon of Cyrene would have preferred justice to mercy?

What better covenant do we have, do we need, should we build than the cross and the tomb?  A death he freely accepted so that we might all have life.