Monday, April 4, 2011

The Faith Once Handled

I find it amazing that the Southern Cone/GAFCON/Great Pretenders/Conelonialists work so hard to make their points.  They have conferences and secret meetings and Primates meetings and all sorts of meetings to lay their claim to the faith once handled. 

Do you suppose that Jesus worked this hard?  He wandered from place to place usually at a leisurely pace (save perhaps the meeting of the Samaritan woman at the well) and managed to grow the faith with out counting how many bishops and followers he had.  Do you suppose there is a missing gospel where Jesus is found to spend each evening counting the number of followers he has or picked up that day.  He fed 5,000 people with a couple of loaves and some fish and sent everyone home with leftovers.  Would Mr. Duncan or Mr. Minns try something like that he would need Bill Gandenberger to count up the number of people sitting on the hill, estimate those that would eat and those that would fast and then subtract the number of gays and lesbians and go shopping to get the necessary food.  In the meantime they would teach the Alpha Course to all those on the hill while making sure that no one had an original thought.

Or how about when Jesus turned water into wine.  Mom came and talked with her son and the next thing there was more wine.  I wonder what would happen if Bishop Orombi's mom came up to him and asked him to play nice.   There would be renting of garments, reading of scriptures, two conferences (one in Australia and the other in Jerusalem), three Primate meetings of which four Primates would attend one while seven missed that one but made the third one but only because they all stayed in separate rooms and no one touched anyone else (or talked to Bishop Robinson). 

It appears that the faith once handled by the GAFCONeers has been massaged and kneaded and left to mold for a while until Jesus and the faith he left to them is unrecognizable.


Leonard said...

It´s so odd--here we get to see, live, in person, front row, in-our-face-- here we see grown self-righteous men strutting their stuff (like it was their stuff that exclusively mattered to God)--surely this is a sad illustration of pridefilled hatefulness on the run-- MARGINALIZING innocents while viciously sorting the BELOVED and putting LGBTI people and many heterosexual women in great danger...these reckless men have blood on their slippery hands.

Lord have mercy

Anonymous said...
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