Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sometimes I browse around places I probably should not be. I came across this letter on the "Anglican Mainstream" website. This letter demonstrates the utter lack of understanding and knowledge most clergy (especially those outside the United States) have of how our beloved Episcopal Church works. And on top of everything else, some flunky retired guy from the Southern Cone writes this piece of tripe like we cannot figure out who it is really from? Heads up, yes we were born, just not last night! If this letter does not make your "blood boil" you must not be a real Anglican.

We call for the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Right Reverend Rowan D. Williams to respond immediately with a letter sanctioning this "former bishop" as well as the current Archbishop of the Southern Cone and the Primates Council for continuing to interfere in the internal workings of the Episcopal Church of the United States.

Here is the letter.

The Rt. Hon. and Most Reverend Rowan D. Williams, Lambeth Palace,, London SE1 7JU.


Your Grace,

I write to you as a former primate of the Southern Cone and bishop of Chile, a Diocese which has enjoyed a Companion Relationship with the Diocese of Pittsburgh since 1978. It is a privilege to count Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan as one of my friends as well as a brother bishop, having known him since his consecration fifteen years ago.

You can imagine, therefore, my surprise on hearing that the Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America had accused Bishop Duncan of abandoning the church and had successfully moved in the House of Bishops that he should be deposed as a minister in the Church of God. I know Bishop Duncan to be an orthodox Christian believer, who has taught the biblical Anglican faith throughout his ministry. I understand on good authority that the process of his deposition has run counter to the canons of that church.

I write, therefore, to ask that you take immediate action in suspending the Episcopal Church from any further participation in activities of the Anglican Communion and in calling a meeting of the Primates to give formal recognition to a new Province in North America, as desired by the Common Cause Partners Federation. At that meeting the Primates must give guidance as to the future conduct of the Episcopal Church so as to enable it to return to the full fellowship of the Anglican Communion .

The action of Archbishop Gregory Venables in receiving Bishop Duncan as a member of the House of Bishops of the province of the Southern Cone should not be seen in any way as interference in another province, but as a fraternal act towards a brother who has, for a long time, been speaking out for biblical truth in a church which, by its teaching and actions, has been gradually separating itself from the rest of the Communion. He deserves our gratitude and full support.

You are in my prayers and those of many others, that you will have God’s wisdom and despatch in dealing with this further tear in the fabric of our Communion, especially in view of your own pleas for holy restraint at the Lambeth Conference.

With every good wish

Colin F. Bazley

Hon. Assistant Bishop of Chester

++William, Lambeth made it clear these forays were to cease immediately. TEC has done nothing to warrant this interference and yet here they all are again, trying to do significant damage to our church. We would expect a quick and forceful response that removes them from the Anglican Communion. Apparently nothing short of that will suffice. They regard the Lambeth statements as nothing more than trifle from old fools. Do not let this act go unpunished!

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