Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We have a visitor from Australia, Brian R. He has had some experience with Peter Jensen. Turns out that the Primate for Australia is elected by vote every now and again. Seems, this is the time to do so. If we are very unlucky, our great and wonderful wizard of O's, Peter Jensen could be elected to the post. See Brian's comments:

Yes, sadly I am in Jensen's diocese but I attend St James, King Street which is known for standing out from the diocese, being liberal and anglo-catholic. Fortunately we are also wealthy so can thumb our nose at the Archbishop to a limited extent. eg. We have visiting women priests preaching but they can only be recognised as deacons while in the Sydney diocese and +Gene Robinson was welcomed as a visitor but could not take a role in the service
The people mentioned in the newspaper article are from outside Sydney and will question the diocese's activities via the General Synod of Australia. However the Sydney diocese due to its wealth and because it is now ordaining deacons who have no intention of proceeding to the priesthood, has, I think, over one third of the votes on the General Synod. It can be embarrassed, I hope, but not much more. There is an election for primate next month. The archbishop of Brisbane ++Aspinall is the primate at the moment. Please God it does not go to Jensen.
Brian R

Perhaps it would be interesting to contact their office and share our experiences with +Jensen. maybe, with a prayer and lot of email about who Peter Jensen really is they, the General Synod, will elect someone who is loving, compassionate and merciful.

Contact the General Synod Office
Level 9, 51 Druitt Street

Phone: +61 2 8267 2700
Fax: +61 2 8267 2727

Good luck and best wishes Brian. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our Real Anglican brothers and sisters in Australia!

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