Thursday, September 25, 2008


It has not taken Mr. Schofield very long to develop into a methadone bishop. This is a longing for and missing of all the fame and fortune and notoriety and press coverage one gets while being a real bishop. Actually, this is purple shirt envy and is enjoyed by the likes of Dan Martins. JDS is really a "methadone" type bishop. That is the type of bishop that has been deposed from the Episcopal Church but is received by some other bishop in a province far, far away. I believe it is the intermediate step to "coming off" an Episcopal Bishop and not yet willing to recognize themselves as ordinary lay persons like the rest of us. The intermediate step, methadone bishop, is where a deposed bishop pretends to act like a real bishop. There used to be a process called "cold turkey bishop" but people like Peter Jensen, Michael Nazir-Ali, Peter Akinola and Greg Venables decided the drug of bishop was too great to become a lay person automatically and so they came up with this "methadone bishop". This is a bishop who is in the process of becoming an ordinary lay person but is needed by these primates for a few months or years to bamboozle the rest of us before these methadone bishops are cut off completely from their daily fix of press coverage, exalted blessing status and the ultimate high of calling our presiding bishop and telling her "she is just a girl and we don't have to do anything you say!"

At any rate, our own methadone man, Mr. Schofield has published his latest Flying Leap and it is a doozey!

Let's begin with a respect issue. Mr. Schofield talks about the 5 California bishops and the one retired bishop that spoke out against Proposition 8. The retired bishop is none other than our own Bishop Jerry Lamb. Deposed bishop Schofield refuses to recognize the ONLY Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin, +Jerry Lamb. What a scofflaw! Mr. Schofield then says,

. . . A little background may provide some much needed help to clarify what is actually going on.
For some time, now - but not through the usual channels of placing an issue before the voting public. . . rather by granting a "right:" to a self proclaimed minority - courts in California have permitted same sex couples to be united in what appears to be a marriage even though it is well known that a measure dealing with this precise situation is to appear on the upcoming ballot.

Clearly JDS tries to twist reality into something he can fool the rest of his "flock".

Then in rapid order Mr. Schofield lies about the ACLU, The House of Bishops, and once again, the California Bishops. He then twists the intent of Proposition 8 and issues the death knell for the family. He does accurately portray himself as "hard, judgmental and unloving individuals". He then twists his interpretation of the Bible to meet his goals.

Now what is all this? Well, he continues to insulate himself and all the people he runs against the "evil outside world." JDS actually said to us, "I am the only thing that protects you from the rest of the world. If it was not for me, you would be just like them." The methadone man is at it again!

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