Friday, May 13, 2011

What Is The Mightest Navy In The World Afraid Of? Hint: Initials stand for Republican

Well, what do you think would scare the stuffing out of the United States Navy?  The Iraqi navy?  No way1  The Russian Navy?  Absolutely not!  How about the maritime marauders of the world, the British?  Nope, it ain’t them at all!  So who do you think would scare the strongest, mightiest, bravest Navy in the world?  Yep, it is the Republican Party.  Specifically, you may remember that the Navy only a few days ago approved the use of Navy base chapels for same-sex blessings.  Now, there were some caveats, but none the less the Navy’s highest authority approved this.  See my blog Is Hate A Republican Value?.  In that same article the Christian right-wing tea-party folks raised objections.  The same old tired garbage, the Defense of Marriage Act. (Never mind that their own justice department will not defend against suits brought in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act, just ask Eric Holder, Attorney-General.)   
Well, the mightiest Navy in the world has “cowtowed” to the Republican Christian right.  And, here is what was said,
"There was some attention on the Hill," Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan told reporters Wednesday morning. "That raised the issue so that the (Pentagon) legal counsel then again took a look (and) determined it needed further review."

I particularly like the segment, “there was some attention on the Hill” .  That is akin to saying that Japan had an earth tremor last month.  The pleasant euphemism for the Christian right is “attention on the Hill”. 

At this point I would like to point out the Navy Seal Team 6 flew into Pakistan with no prior warning, one helicopter crashed, and still they took out Osama bin Laden, about three other bad guys, and left as quietly as they came in.  How could this same group, albeit on a larger scale, be so concerned about a little attention on the Hill as to make a public reversal on a huge public statement that came from the highest authority in the Navy? 

On the other side of the issue, Servicemembers United Executive Director Alexander Nicholson insisted the Navy was within its rights on same-sex marriage policy.

 Nicholson said the Pentagon should not be distracted by "pressure from reactionaries."

 "At a time when the economy still needs attention, Osama bin Laden was just killed, and revolution and conflict continue to rage across a fragile Middle East, having policy makers spend valuable and limited time on whether a few gay couples may or may not use a Navy facility for a private ceremony at some point in the future is just plain silly," Nicholson said in a statement sent to CNN.

 "The Navy was right in their analysis last month that nothing stands in the way of operating facilities without discrimination, and further review will no doubt validate that position," said Michael Cole-Schwartz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, which supports same-sex marriage.

 So, like the incursion into Pakistan, if they got it right, what is the problem?  (hint: money)

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IT said...

I keep hoping one of those SEALS will come out as gay, Fred. And have a partner he would like to marry.