Tuesday, May 24, 2011

John Guernsey Finally Gets What He Really Wants -- A Real Purple Shirt

Many, many years ago, in a land called Virginia, our family was one of 36 families that made a difference in a place called Dale City.  We began as a mission of St. Margret's, Woodbridge, VA and met in an elementary school cafeteria that served on Sundays as our "little church".  From that came a growing and loving community that Father Chuck Stein nurtured and developed.  Then, Father Stein retired and we began the arduous search for a new rector.  During the interim we had a marvelous woman, one of the first ever ordained, and then, John AM Guernsey.  John was smart, talented, a good preacher and very ambitious.  From the very beginning, he believed he was marked for greatness.

We left that parish in 1983 and travelled back to the land of our ancestors.  John stayed and worked hard but apparently never quite made it to bishop -- until the Ugandans decided he should have a purple shirt.  Listening at times (actually reading) John was never completely comfortable until now.  He has been elected bishop of the Mid-Atlantic faux thingy that is part of the pretend church in America -- Yep, ACNA.  To read his submissions to the selection committee reads like any other anxious, ambitious, over-reaching priest with a need to be a bishop.  Clearly not satisfied with his work as a pastor, even in a huge flock, loved by most of that group, his need to be a bishop has driven him, just like so many others in that fakeAnglican group.  Names like Minns and Thompson and yes, even in our own circle,  Daniel Martins. 

It is interesting to note that in John's most recent missives he needed to be a bishop, consecrated in the United States.  Why, I have no real idea other than ambition and perhaps envy.

"Such men as he be never at heart's ease whiles they behold a greater than themselves, and therefore are they very dangerous."

Congratulations John, you finally got what you have sought most of your ordained life.


Leonard said...

You know what I thought (oh, that thinker of mine)? Uganda is pulling a fast one and dumping John Guernsey just at the same moment that CANA dumped Martin Minns from the U.S. mischiefmaking--this game of not-so-musical Episcopal thrones is such a tiresome ongoing disaster as crooks, cheats and liars attempt to stagger through the wreckage of their VERY OWN ACTIONS against The Episcopal Church (in Orombi´s own words: ¨The poisoness Episcopal Church¨ -- he ought know poison best, that puffed up, grandstanding GAFCON sneak who harms other Anglicans both at home and abroad). JUSTICE FOR DAVID KATO!

JCF said...

"He has his reward"