Monday, October 26, 2009

An Open Offer to St. Mark's Chapel, Port Royal, South Carolina

To: Mr. Scott Shaffer, Warden
The Reverend Robert R. Hansel, Chaplain
St. Mark's Chapel
P. O. Box 761, Port Royal, South Carolina 29935

The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has just completed our 50 th Diocesan Convention. It was a joyous occasion! As you may know we have suffered mightily at the hands of now deposed John David Schofield, the mentor and confidant of your current bishop, The Right Reverend Mark Lawrence. The Parish of Christ The King in Riverbank, California is a parish that has suffered greatly as you now suffer and for many of the same reasons. We know your pain, we know the pain of isolation, we know the pain of rejection and most of all we know the pain of being alone.

We have longed for an opportunity to assist others in this type of predicament. your dilemma maybe something we can do something about. In the Presiding Bishop's letter it mentions DEPO. If you contact the Reverend Glenn Kanestrom, Rector at Christ the King Community Episcopal Church I believe that we may be able to intercede with our loving and caring bishop, The Right Reverend Jerry A. Lamb. I will be most candid, I do not know where this would lead, or even what all the issues are but I know this: No group of persons should be persecuted the way we were and the way you appear to be. We will do everything in our power to alleviate your pain and suffering. Please contact us, please challenge us to be a group of loving, caring inclusive Episcopalians.

Thank you for this great opportunity.

Contact information:

The Reverend Glenn Kanestrom
Rector, Christ The King Community Episcopal Church
6443 Estelle Ave., Riverbank, CA 95367

PS: I have emailed the appropriate personages already with a copy of this letter.

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