Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Open Letter To Bishop Mark Lawrence

The Right Reverend Mark Lawrence
XIV Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
Diocesan House
126 Coming Street
Charleston, SC, 29403

Dear Bishop Lawrence,

I remember you from your days in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. You have always been opinionated but you are known for being fair, maybe even just, and I pray, merciful.

You have a Mission by the name of St. Mark's Chapel. St. Mark's is a small but growing group who would like nothing more than to simply remain Episcopalian. Thus far, you have blocked every attempt by them to stay with the Episcopal Church.

Your Communion Partner's website clearly indicates that you, personally, believe, that there are ways for alternative oversight and yet, you deny that opportunity to a group of people inside your diocese. While it does absolutely nothing for your ability to extend your oversight to other parishes in other diocese it would indicate that you at least believe what you ask others to believe.

Please be merciful and extend the opportunity for St. Mark's Chapel to be a mission that can ultimately stay within the Episcopal Church.


Fred Schwartz

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