Thursday, October 22, 2009

Convention Daze

[Delegates for the 50th Annual Convention are showing up early this year.]

It is that time of the year again! Yep, the 50th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin wi8ll begin Friday Night! The nugget hidden within the three days is meant to be the visioning process. This will be something akin to "What do we want to be when we grow up?", or at least an answer to that question. That will occur on Saturday. Friday night will be a friendly get together with goodies and of course a little nectar. Along with that will be the vendors row and a series of workshops. along with "Where are we Now" and "Episcopal Health and Pension Benefits" will be "Education for Ministry". Friday night will be interesting but the main business will be done on Saturday. A couple of issues will be up for discussion including a report by a commission on the marginalization of many groups including LGBT and handicapped groups. What has been done in the past and what we ought to be doing. Also, from a practical standpoint, I think we will get a glimpse of what a "shared diocesan administration" might look like. Saturday night we will have an evening repast accompanied by a report from General Convention delegates on GC 2009, that should spark some interest!

I will try to post from the convention floor, or balcony or sidewalk or street corner depending on how close some folks will let me get to the action.

Keep watch as this may be an interesting second go-around for us. We have many issues that will begin to collide inclduing the first couple of groups back from "the dead" as it were. Yes, we have had two parishes return to the fold and will have full voting rights for this convention. This action should make for some interesting discussions on the floor!

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