Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Springfield Getting Ready to Leave The Episcopal Church?

Well, much to the chagrin of many people in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, the Reverend Dan Martins become a bishop.  Over the course of the last few months he was questioned about whether he would leave the Episcopal Church for some other brand of "Anglicanism" and he has said he would not.

What do the signs say?  By signs I mean who Bishop Martin hangs with, who trained him and what are his past practices.

Past practice.  He was vehemently in favor of the Diocese of San Joaquin leaving the Episcopal Church.  I do not care what he says now, I do not care what others have said, I know what I heard him say.  He was Mr. John David Schofield's righthand man.  He did Mr. Schofield's bidding.  He met on at least one occasion and debated with our Remain Episcopal group.  It was not long after that, that Fr. Miller left the diocese, chased out by hurtful and despicable clergy.  At that meeting, that night, then Fr. Martins clearly and unequivocally stated the only thing that could be done was the leave the Episcopal Church.  And, he wrote the canons that took the diocese out of the the Episcopal Church.  He says he left because he was not in favor of the move.  What typically happens is Mr. Schofield finally double-crosses his underlings and they leave.  I  believe that is what happened here, to Fr. Martins.

Mentoring/training.  Bishop Martins was mentored by Mr. Schofield.  Mr. Schofield on many occasions, stated he would never leave the Episcopal Church, yet he did.  Mr. Schofield sent at least two pastoral letters indicating he would not leave the Episcopal Church. Then, he said it was the Episcopal Church that had left him.  Then, much like Pilate, on the day of the convention in which the convention voted to leave, Mr. Schofield rent his garments and said, "My flock has spoken. What can I do but continue to lead them in the path of righteousness."  Bishop Martins has learned these lessons well.  Read his statements.  Check out the Communion Partners website.  I have to say, it sounds just like the early days of John David Schofield.

The company he keeps.  The Presiding Bishop was at his consecration.  But then, she is the Presiding Bishop.  But who else was there? The ENS news article read like the Communion Partners website.  This included Bishop Ed Little and Bishop Mark Lawrence, both tutored by John David Schofield.  Other bishops present included Bishop Beckwith and a bunch of the clergy also signed on the Communion Partners website.

The signs all point to a delayed "adios".  But time will tell.  I do wish the laity on Springfield all the best because those who never thought about leaving he Episcopal Church.

And now, the icing on the cake:

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Leonard said...

The animals change but the Circus remains the same-- believe it because these grandstanding anti-humanity opportunist (like infections) dudes will take a bite right out your ass when you pass by and then expect us to believe they are a tame and straighforward lot. More Gafconning freebees no doubt in the future so they can glorify themselves in unison...unfortunate that Martins manipulating and doubletalking finally got him into the bishops club--nothing we haven´t seen before.