Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final Convention News Update - Conelonialists Do Not Need to Think

Well, I still have pictures and fond memories of our 51st Convention in the diocese of San Joaquin. But, I wish to remind those who may read this blog but are "ANGLICAN" of the Conelonialist persuasion of one huge fact. We went to convention and we voted at convention. We elected delegates to the General Convention for 2012 who met at the end of our convention to discuss issues of the National Convention. When the conelonialists meet, I wonder who gets elected to the General Convention in the Southern Cone? Oh, no one you say? Oh, boy, did ya'll forget about the fact that the Episcopal Church is so unique that there is no other province that is organized like we are? So, you are going to go to your General convention and vote be told what is good for you to believe and what is good for you not to believe and when do you get to vote on your constitution and canons and how you are governed and who governs you. Never, you say? Just one of the fringe benefits of being a conelonialist -- you no longer have to think!

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