Friday, October 8, 2010

Canon Mark Hall Is FAMOUS

We have a very fine priest, Father Mark Hall, who has truly suffered the "slings and arrows" from the former bishop, now Mr. John David Schofield. Father Mark was the rector of St. Anne's in Stockton and is now the Canon to the Ordinary for our own diocese of San Joaquin and of course our bishop, Jerry Lamb. There are very, very few priests who were able to weather the full force of the maniacal idiocy that seemed to overtake almost every clergy person in our diocese back in early 2000s. I believe that Father Hall was here when John David Schofield arrived and much to his credit and to our great benefit, he was here when John David Schofield left. In between those two bookend events, he rode what could only be euphemistically called a real roller coaster.

As it turns out now, Father Mark enjoys a modicum of peace and quiet as well as a renewed sense of purpose and a renewed sense of pride. He is a great source of strength for our diocese. Now, he enjoys a new notoriety. The following appears on the Institute for Religion and Democracy's home page:

"...We are using the only means in our system, the civil courts, because we need to stand up for the organizational integrity of the Episcopal Church. And possibly ever more importantly, we are also standing up for the Truth of Jesus."

- Canon Mark Hall of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin (CA), explaining to the continuing diocese why it needs to sue the departing Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin and claim ownership of departing church properties.

If you would like to know where David Anderson (CANA, AiMA, ACNA, etc.) gets his money; if you would like to know where much of the vitriol for LGBT community and the funding for the proposition 8 (California style) funding comes from then just visit this site. Incidentally, the president of this august body, Mark Tooley, is a former "analyst" for the Central Intelligence Agency and supposedly his area was Central America and South America. Wonder if he had anything to do with that thingy in Guatemala?

The lead guy on all things Anglican is Jeff Walton. Form his bio on the site:
Jeff worships at Restoration Anglican Church in Arlington, Virginia, a daughter congregation of the Falls Church in Falls Church, VA, where he is active in the young adult and global missions programs. Jeff holds a degree in Political Science and Communications from Seattle Pacific University.

The IRD is the brainchild of Howard Ahmanson -- wealthy conservative who wishes to bring back the ten commandments as the law of the land. Congratulations Father Mark, you are quoted in high places!

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Leonard said...

Howard Ahbigoton gives me the creeps.

Mr. John David Schofield needs heavy medication.

Old birds of feather flock together and that seems to include old buzzards from the CIA (probably had more to do with the vicious civil wars in Central America and all the murdering...cleansing seems to be a specialty of these twisted bozos...they go to any length to digup vile enemies of God when all they need do is look around their own little cloven hoofed hate club.