Saturday, October 25, 2008

Episcopal Convention: San Joaquin Style

The day broke bright and sunny. The temperature was 86± degrees. Continental breakfast was served and at 7:30am the Daughters of the King met. You just cannot keep hard chargin' prayer warriors down. Breakout sessions went on all day long. +Lamb called the convention to session at 10:00am. All 19 faith communities were present including our newest, Kernville. Fr. Eaton from St. John's Tulare finally, publically recognized +Lamb.
There were several cononical/constitutional amendments. One was to adjust assessments to real time income That made sense to everybody. There were a couple that allowed for laity to hold positions originally reserved for clergy. One was to allow Standing Committee to meet electronically. Two allowed parishes to incorporate. Two caused hackles to rise. The first eliminated a clause in the canons that said clergy could only have sex in Holy Matrimony. Immediately the librals were out to get the rules loosened for gay people. This finally passed overwhelmingly. The second was similar. It called for the creation of an equality commission to investigate and report the issues surrounding marginalized persons in this diocese. It spelled out those that have been marginalized including poor, LGBT, ethnic minorities, the handicapped, and other socio-economically disadvantaged. Wow! Would have never happened 2 or 3 years ago. It passed with flying colors! What a great day!

Tonight, chili and apple treats.

Ya'll come back ya hear!

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