Saturday, October 4, 2008


Those that are leaving in such a huff (Pittsburgh now, San Joaquin then and Fort Worth tomorrow)  and are so angry with those that are left often tell us of how we have fallen short in soooo mannny  ways.  They argue with us about how we have wandered from the "truth" and when they harken us back to the truth we do not want to listen.  They then say that since their words fall on deaf ears they are leaving us to go to another village where people will listen (like the Southern Cone?*!).  BUT, they want to take the land, the buildings, the silver, the jewelery, the paintings, the stained glass windows, the altar, the chasubles, the cars, the rakes, the lawn, the flowers, the parking lots, the cemeteries and anything else that is nailed or not nailed down.  

Well, got a little something for those thugs and thieves who operate under the above premise to think about:

"Whatever town or village you go into , ask for someone trustworthy and stay with him until you leave.  As you enter the house salute it, and if the house deserves it, let your peace descend upon it; if it does not, let your peace come back to you. And if anyone does not welcome you or listen to what you have to say, as you walk out of the house or town shake the dust from your feet."  Matthew 10:11-16 and Mark 6:7-12

I know it is hard for you folks in Pittsburgh and Fort Worth and even little ole Mr. Schofiled and Mr. Duncan to imagine but all those lawsuits are designed just to help you act like disciples.  

Bummer dudes, don't let the door hit you on the way out.  

HT to Mark @ Preludium

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