Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Leaves all too Soon

A few weeks ago our family pet, Leader, died of prostate cancer.  A constant companion of Mrs. Fred and a lover of all humanity.  Leader's mom and dad lived to be 13 years old and so at 10, Leader was taken from us.  I know, many folks are arbitrarily afraid of German Shepherds and that is too bad.  There is not a kinder, gentler, more  loving dog than a shepherd.  He went with us pretty much everywhere and loved it.  On one occasion, we were staying at our parents place down south and Leader, as always, got to run loose.  For some reason he became confused and lost.  We looked for him all night and into the next morning.  As one last desperate action, I called the local pound. Wow! Leader was there.  We travelled about 25 miles to go get him.  When the staff brought him out you would have thought Leader had spent the night in jail! Oh, and he never ever wanted to do that again. (BTW, chips really do work.)

We know he rests comfortably now -- but it does not change the fact we enjoy him now only in pictures and memories.

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JCF said...

Awww, Leader. :-(.. Enjoy your Golden Tail.

{{{Leader's Pack}}}