Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Illogic of the "Christian Right"

Every now and then I wander from my base of Episcopalianism to think about other things.  Sometimes it is politics and sometimes it is culture and some times it is education.  The last few days I have been "cogitatin'" on the idea of the new right and their brand of moral legislation.

The new right steadfastly opposes abortion -- for any reason at any time and for no reason at all times.  So, everybody is forced to have children regardless of the circumstances.

Then, in order to remain perfectly faithful to their logic the new right is trying to eliminate WIC and Food Stamps and medical for children.  That way we make sure no baby grows up well fed and healthy.

Then, the new right wants to help children out by denying them Head Start programs and Free and Reduced Lunches.  After all, why should children have pre-school and learning and good food.

Then, the locals have decide that public K-12 education should be reduced to large class sizes, no special education, no free and reduced  lunches, no special programs (GATE as well ass Special Education).  After all, who needs education when we have sweatshops and 80 hour work weeks.

Once that child has grown up they are denied an opportunity to go to college or university when the new right eliminates Pell grants and other financial aid.

So that child goes to work but is denied the opportunity to be represented by a group that will assure clean and safe working conditions, fair pay, overtime, health and welfare benefits. Why would anyone need health and welfare benefits since each woman is going to have every baby and die in child birth.

 Why Oh Why
by Holly Near

They say there was a baby

Born with a special calling
Laid him in the manger
And then took him before his time

And I want to know why oh why oh why
If you care about life, why don't you care about mine?
Why oh why oh why
If you care about life, why don't you care about mine?

Look at all the babies
They ain't got no mangers
Lying in the doorway
And dying before their time

Comes along another baby
If I have it I can't feed it
I got the thing about my other children
Six hungry ones in all

Do you care about the babies
Or just the wars that keep them hungry?
I'm lying in the back alley
And I'm thinking about my right to life
So I died on Christmas morning
Leaving all my babies
Now they ain't got no mama
And ain't that a pity and a shame

And I want to know why oh why oh why
If you care about life, why don't you care about mine?
Why oh why oh why
If you care about life, why don't you care about mine?
Maybe this group should be called the new wrong?


IT said...

Fred, they aren't really good on logical consistency.

Leonard said...

Trying to make sense of insanity--these folks are sicker than dogs and many would need public funding for psychiatric care--greedy white (I am white) moral deadbeats clammouring to squeeze the life out of generosity of spirit and equality for all...they deserve one another and the games have just begun...btw, Sarah Palin thinks she could have been elected President if only the chosen Republican contender, John McCain had been put aside...Sarah Palin´s ego is the size of Russian and intellectual/basic-judgment and depth of the Mouse that Roared! Most of these folks are either greeders or simply manipulated greedsters and bigoted twits.

Unknown said...

The folks who subscribe to the "Right to Life" philosophy, invariably also support capital punishment. So,every fetus has the right to be born, to fend for itself maybe even from birth, must self-educate, and obey all laws, and if wrongfully accused & convicted must not clog the courts with appeals, but make ready to be KILLED by the state.