Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Episcopal Church, The Anglican Church of Canada and the "The Episcopal Church Covenant"

I am genuinely unclear on why the Anglican Covenant continues to get so much "air time".  That which I read indicates that pretty much everyone knows that the document, such as it is, is designed to:
1, at a minimum rehabilitate the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, or
2, remove these two entities from at least the top layer of the Anglican Communion; and,
3, further send more Episcopal diocese to the "other" provinces including the Wizard of Ahs province and Archduck Robert Duncan and the ACNA; and,
4, setup the Wizard of Ahs, Archduck Robert Duncan as the new "presiding bishop" of the newly minted Anglican Church in North America as the real province of the United States.

Given all of that hooey, and the fact that some folks, like Dr. White from Louisiana actually like the concept of a covenant, are we not working on a version that will clearly and unequivocally keep all the provinces from crossing borders and stealing diocese, property and money.  Also, including in that document the fact that when a person of orders is deposed by a duly authorized and empowered source such as the Episcopal Church in the United States of America not fully and completely deposed in all the Anglican Communion.  And also including in that document a little something that "satisfies the soul" when sneaky back-stabbing  clergy come around from behind the presiding bishop and slip off to Canterbury to tell the Archbishop of Canterbury "it really is all those other Episcopal people and not us types that insist they are the good guys and can't they please take over when the rest of the Communion throws out the Episcopal Church "-- yep the Commode Partners needs a little something in the new Episcopal Covenant for them to chew on. 

Once a good document is written, I cannot imagine it would take much time, we could use the Anglican Covenant as a "go by" since a bunch of folks seem enamoured with that Introduction at least, and then begin to lobby the world over for the acceptance and ratification of the Episcopal Covenant. 

We as a province need to bring in the Church of Canada and begin to visit the world over and have those who would pass the Anglican Covenant pass the Episcopal Covenant.  What are we doing that will solve the Gordian knot?  We need to sidestep the stupid document called the Anglican Covenant and begin to exert some leadership overtly in the rest of the world.  We need to markedly demonstrate to the rest of the Communion that we are following the path of Christ and that we are not hiding our light under a bushel basket. Now seems about as good a time to start as any.

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Leonard said...

The Synod of The Church of England will meet next week a likely approve, by simple majority, the Covenant (as a favor to Rowan Williams who is pushing it). Quite a dangerous document however Williams, as usual, places inhumane personal punishment before the overall well-fare of ALL Anglicans everywhere--Archbishop Rowan rarely speaks out against deadly social injustices unless he´s forced to do so (Zimbabwe comes to mind)...a true case of irresponsible and codependent behavior that is strangling the Anglican Communion (by failure to do the right thing/ omission).

P.S. What do the Episcopalians make out in San Joaquin regarding the Uruguay defection at The Southern Cone Province--no doubt lots of blame and shaming on the part of the ¨continuing anglican crowd¨?