Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beauty of It All

I got it! The diocese of South Carolina is going to discern what road to take over the next 40 days. During the course of this time each parish is going to determine that they wish to leave the Episcopal Church. Each time that decision is reached the parish will strike a deal with the Bishop of South Carolina so that they can take the buildings and the property with them. Generally, the Bishop of South Carolina, the honorable Mark Lawrence, will extract some form of token payment in exchange for the land and buildings. This exchange will "compensate" the diocese for the loss of property and therefore mollify the Episcopal Church. Any extra holdings such as retreat centers will be permitted to spin off by themselves ostensibly to become a "private going concern". Finally, the cathedral, acting as a parish will do the same as any other parish. The bishop, holding no TEC property, or very little except the amounts derived from the compensation from the various parishes leaving will then turn over to the Episcopal Church in the United States of America the remainder. Mark Lawrence will then "leave the Episcopal Church", completely in tact as a bishop in good standing and move to ACNE ACNA to become the heir apparent to the prime minister Archbishop, Robert Duncan.

TA DA! The Beauty of it all. Simple. Elegant. No fingerprints and no hooks, lines or stinkers sinkers.

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