Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your Are Not Episcopalian (and You are not Anglican): Stop Holding Yourself Out as One

The Court orders provide in part that the defendants, including Bishop Jack L. Iker, “surrender all Diocesan property, as well as control of the Diocesan Corporation, to the Diocesan plaintiffs and to provide an accounting of all Diocesan assets within 60 days of this order.” Additionally, “the Court hereby orders the Defendants not to hold themselves out as leaders of the Diocese.”
This quote is from the latest "rambling of a lost soul" (as Conelonialists will call him) the Judge in the Fort Worth case.  See Thinking Anglicans.  Clearly, there is no judicial authority that thinks that what the four diocese have done is legal or proper.  There is also an interesting read at GAFCON, Father Christian has, as always, put things into perspective for the viagravillians. 

The most interesting comment made was not that any of these cases have been lost, which most assuredly they have, but what the judge said.  "Stop holding yourselves out as the leaders of the diocese".  These folks are clearly no longer Episcopalian and they have said over and over again they do not want to be Episcopalian.  But neither are they Anglican.  The Archbishop of Canterbury does not recognize them as Anglican -- of course if you read the Jerusalem Declaration they do not recognize him as Anglican either so there -- I guess they are even.  But, they are not Anglican.  Stop holding yourselves out as Anglican you are not!  You recognize  some foreign powers as your theological authority, the Primates of the Southern Cone, you may be Christian though your beliefs do not seem to indicate that, you may be Jewish but your beliefs do not indicate that, you may be Calvinist but I am not sure if you even fit that category or if they would have you, but you are clearly not Anglican.  The Chicago Quadrilateral is not good enough. You have to have an Anglican Covenant, something your primates made up on the spur of the moment to exclude provinces that are all-inclusive.  No, you are not Anglican.  Remember this folks, the only real Anglicans in the United States are Episcopalians, and you are not!

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