Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Those Contemplating The Approval of the Anglican Covenant

Let us begin with a statement on the retirement of +Gene Robinson from, as Father Christian has called him, "The Lord High" Peter Jensen (from Australia) the Secretary to GAFCON/FCA:

Statement by Archbishop Peter Jensen

General Secretary of GAFCON/FCA

The agonising dispute in the Anglican Communion is not about Bishop Robinson personally. It is true that his consecration as a Bishop seven years ago was one of the flashpoints for a serious re-alignment of the whole Communion. But many things have happened since then. GAFCON is about the future. It is dedicated to the future of a renewed Anglican Communion centred on the orthodox teaching of the Jerusalem Declaration.

7th November 2010
Find and read the Jerusalem Declaration because you also find out it is not about the Archbishop of Canterbury.  It is not even about sola scriptura.  It is about power.  Who has it, who wants it, who is willing to pay any price to get it.  The group that is "GAFCON/FCA" are the archbishops tired of playing second fiddle to the Episcopal Church in the United States, The Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of England. 

It is also about those who are willing to follow the folks who are willing to dump TEC, COE, ACC -- yes it is about ACNA and Mr. Duncan and whoa - hold on to your hat - it is about the Communion Partners.  You want to send a message to GAFCON/FCA that we are not going to sit still for this type of power grubbing play they continue to display?  Do not consent to the election of Father Dan Martins.  This will tell them we will not willingly add to the prestige and power of those who are willing to kill the Episcopal Church. 


Leonard said...

I think a major part of the real responsibility toward our Church is that we must start discerning what is ok with us and what is not in terms of being abused. It is one thing to allow ¨conversation¨ and it is quite another to invite, and sometimes even ignore, the terrible devastation that occurs when outright deceit is´re still living through that turn-of-the-head in San Joaquin and it cost millions in dollars and untold suffering in a diocese where friend and neighbor were poised AGAINST one another all because of a very troubled man who insisted he was more holy than others--saying no to ongoing abuse by questioning the true motives of well known dodgy/manipulative players of the past ought be a healthy sign and not a cause to whine and complain about ¨injustice¨...injustice is what has been going on to many of our brothers and sisters for lifetimes...the facts are exposed, how will we ignore them further? I don´t think anyone can except those who lead with prejudice and fear and sometimes hate when attempting to exclude others at The Body of Christ...I don´t think Dan Martin changed his mind about the ¨excluding¨ part...clearly unwise/selfish and unkind no matter his ¨moral¨ standing at Church that WELCOMES EVERYONE.

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I beleive you are very much on the right track. There is a significant difference between genuine discerning the movement ofthe spirit and the outrageous crap the marginalized have had to put up with at the hands of "bishops' like John David Schofield and Jack Iker and Robert Duncan and of course the initmitable Dan Marins.