Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Anglican Communion Equation Grows More Complicated

The last equation to hit the blog was No Anglican Communion = (Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral) minus the (Jerusalem Declaration). Apparently, the Most Reverend Greg Venables did not like that equation, or rather, it was not sufficiently complicated, so he, in the name of the GAFCON/Confessing Anglicans decided to make it a little more complicated. They have since added the Oxford Statement. so what does the new equation look like:

No Anglican Communion = (Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral plus Primates meeting[including Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori] plus [Separate meeting Rooms]) minus (Jerusalem Declaration plus (Oxford Statement) plus [Primates Meeting minus 10 Global South Primates])

If, for some reason, you doubt for one more moment that the Anglican Communion is not dead (just not buried) here is an excerpt from the Oxford Statement:

3. We believe that we are now entering a new era for the Anglican Communion. New ways of living out our common life are emerging as old structures are proven to be ineffective in confronting the challenges of living in a pluralistic global community. We rejoice in the call of the Jerusalem Declaration for a renewed commitment to the authority of scripture and the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sadly the rejection of these historic anchors to our faith has brought us to a crisis in the life of the Communion.

And this,

5. For the sake of Christ and of His Gospel we can no longer maintain the illusion of normalcy and so we join with other Primates from the Global South in declaring that we will not be present at the next Primates’ meeting to be held in Ireland. And while we acknowledge that the efforts to heal our brokenness through the introduction of an Anglican Covenant were well intentioned we have come to the conclusion the current text is fatally flawed and so support for this initiative is no longer appropriate.

And, should you think that Canterbury has any sway or power in this battle take a look at the BOLD statement from the Oxford thingy:

7. The Primates Council, as bishops of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, wish to affirm the reality of human sin and divine judgment, the only way of salvation from sin through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, the sufficiency and clarity of Holy Scripture as the revelation of God’s will, and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as he brings new birth and holiness of life.

Isn't it nice to know we have a group that can determine what sin is for us? More importantly, the language is clearly dominant and not the least bit deferential to Canterbury or anyone else (at least on this earth).

Also. look at the Jerusalem Declaration (posted above) as it says that the one does not need an Archbishop of Canterbury (sorry John David) to be Anglican (huh?)!
And more yet:

11. We remain convinced that the unique character of GAFCON/FCA with its diversity of cultures and its embrace of the Jerusalem Declaration as a common theological confession is a vital contribution to the future of the global Anglican Communion. We are persuaded that we must offer new initiatives to more effectively respond to the crises that confront us all. We must strengthen our communication capabilities and we are also looking to build partnerships with other denominational churches that share our faith convictions.

And finally, when will GAFCON give the Anglican Communion (as we know it) a Christian burial, we now know that as well:

12. Specifically, we are planning a leadership conference in the latter part of 2011 that will focus on the need to “Contend for the Faith in the Public Square.” We are also beginning preparations for an international gathering of Primates, Bishops, Clergy and Lay leaders in 2012, provisionally designated “GAFCON 2”. To support all of this we have approved the expansion of the Secretariat.
Clearly, the Anglican Communion no longer exists, and while the Archbishop of Canterbury is trying to explain to the Queen where the empire went GAFCON/FCA is "stealing" it out from under his nose. So, what should we be doing?
Episcopalians, we need to step out in faith and begin to lead as we have never done so in the past. With firm conviction, with the moral strength of a David and give Anglicans worldwide a far more inclusive approach to our God than GAFCON/FCA is willing to provide. Now is a good time to begin, don't you think?

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Leonard said...

Yes, it´s all clear as to the specific attack/takeover--but then to most every Thinking Anglican, outside of Dr. Rowan Williams, it always was clear.