Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Communion Partners aka "The Scorpion"

The Communion Partners caused quite a stir around the blogsphere last week.  Of course most saw right through the attempt to throw The Episcopal Church under the bus and said so.  The goodly Bishop from the diocese of Western Louisiana then had this to say:

Diocese of Western Louisiana Bishop D. Bruce MacPherson told ENS April 28 that "one common thing [the Communion Partners bishops and rectors who signed the statement] have, and this has been shared from the beginning with the Presiding Bishop, [is that] we are committed to remaining a part of the Episcopal Church as opposed to some of the other directions that have been taken by others."

Here in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin we heard this wonderfully comforting comment once before.  Do we all remember?  Think back it was about 2002 of maybe 2003.  Then Bishop now Mr. John David Schofield was running around the diocese talking about how awful things were.  At that time I believe the Presiding Bishop was Frank Griswold and Mr. Schofield railed against this "two faced liar".  Finally, some of the people who wished to remain Episcopal wrote a letter to Mr. Schofield and asked, "Are you planning on leaving the Episcopal Church.  It sure sounds like you are planning to do just that."  

Anyone remember the answer? I do. Here is what Mr. Schofield said.  No, I am not planning on leaving the Episcopal Church.  We still hold in front of us the faith once delivered.  We have remained true to the principles of the Episcopal Church.  However, the greater Episcopal Church has moved away from the scriptural and historical basis of the Anglican Communion.  We must remain in good standing with the Anglican Communion.  

Sound familiar?  Bishop MacPherson now repeats that same, tired old saw.  I am hopeful that most TEC members remember the story of the frog and the scorpion.  The noise the Communion Partners are making sounds very much like the scorpion trying to get across the river, except this time I am very hopeful the frog will not help the scorpion out.

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