Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Bad Guys Discover Some Bad Things

Sarah Hey, a regular at 'sit flappy', has "discovered" a problem with ACNA.  Apparently, she has discovered that laity have no say in the selection of bishops.  In fact it may be that the laity has little to no say in much of any thing.

I have no interest, honestly, in what Nigeria or Uganda do in selecting their bishops, any more than I have an interest in how the COE selects its bishops; otherwise I'd be hoping that the ACNA would also introduce a Queen somewhere in the mix. The one thing that the bishops of TEC have not been able to corral, in fact, is their Rebellious Wicked Laity, despite attempting to do so by enacting some new disciplinary standards at GC 2006. The primary thing that has led to the excellent chaos and resistance in TEC dioceses is groups of laity standing together and saying "no way, Hosea.

Well my fine friends at 'lay floppy', you are only beginning to discover some of the better stuff in store for you.  Ya gots more bishops and archbishops right now than currently reside in all of heaven (and probably the other place) combined. And their "dirty little secret" is they do not want you guys to play.  You are supposed to say, "Yes sir"; "No, sir"; and, "I don't know sir".  They have in store for you a magisterium that the  Vatican could not conceive.  Your prayer book is the 1662 prayerbook -- for you non-history buffs that is PRE- democracy.  Ya'll want to be attached at the hip with the Archbishop of Canterbury but the ACNA/GAFCON crowd has cut him adrift and you, my dear "sit slightly slumpy" crowd are going to be with the "my way or the highway" group.  Want a say in something, you do so at your own peril.  Want to discuss and debate something better do it at in the dark of night.  Ya think Archbishop Williams is your ace in the hole?  He is English and appointed by the Crown.  Let's ask the Queen if she would like help in picking the next one?  Oh, Michael Nazir-Ali already did that and of course he  is gone.

Take a look at the history of the Episcopal Church.  There was a huge debate back in 1760-1790 about whether bishops were even needed in the United States.  The original plan was to do pretty much without bishops.  Now, you have given back the bishops what they believe was their birthright.  

So, get ready for Rome with out a pope -- and if you believe that one Peter Akinola has some swampland in Florida for you.

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