Monday, May 18, 2009

A Dollar here, a dollar there, pretty soon it adds up to real money

Someone once asked, "Is there a doctor in the house?"  Usually that line precedes a joke of some sort and maybe this is -- except that this time no one is laughing.  And why is that?  Well, read from the good doctor's journal dated May 9, 2009.  

And while we are speaking of the ACC, it is interesting to see where the bulk of the support money is coming from. The largest donors for 2008 are England at $405,000 GBP, grants and donations (including Trinity Church Wall Street, NY, the largest contributor in this category) at $371,259 GBP, and The Episcopal Church (TEC) at $363,902 GBP. Compass Rose Society was fourth at $164,040 GBP. It is clear that the influence of TEC money, either directly or indirectly, steers the ship. The provinces who gave nothing in 2008 included Central Africa, Central America, Congo, Indian Ocean, Myanmar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Southern Cone, Sudan, Uganda, West Africa, Pakistan, South India and the Spanish Reformed EC.

So given this one simple fact several conclusions can be drawn.  First, at least one primary cause of "murder" in the United States (probably elsewhere as well) is that of money.  The manner in which cross border incursions have set up future provinces, diocese, temporary holding companies, etc it appears that should TEC die the ones that stand to inherit the legacy are Nigeria, Rwanda, Southern Cone, Sudan, Uganda, West Africa.  Everyone understands money and no one understands it better than someone who does not have much.  

Second, in order for much of the world to continue "to feed at the public trough" the funds need to continue at all costs (no pun intended).  In order to assure  Nigeria, Rwanda, Southern Cone, Sudan, Uganda, West Africa of a continuing source of funds to gallivant around the world these provinces require sources.  The only way to assure the source is to take it under one's wing.  Right, Archbishop Venables?  And what is the quid pro quo for all of this?  As archbishop-in-waiting Robert Duncan, I'll just bet he can tell you what the quid pro quo is.  

Thirdly, and finally (at least for now) is the why do these folks travel so much?  Well, in Nigeria ++Akinola must travel because otherwise he may have to work to save those who have been abducted in the oil producing region of Nigeria.  In ++Orombi's case he might have to figure out a solution to the issue of all those children that come into the city of Kampala each night.  In the case of ++Bul he would have to face the fact that his government will not stop the rape and murder in Darfur.  

Now, I am reluctant to come back to this again, but I fell compelled to do so.  People of San Joaquin, were you aware of these facts? How much have you been asked to pay?  What has your bishop, John David Schofield received?  Well, we know he travels to wherever he wants when he wants and sometimes at some very odd times.  We also know that if you read his letters, as you so often are required to do, you are constantly bombarded with negative and mean comments.  Did you go with him to be browbeaten every Sunday or did you go worship God and be Anglican?  Did you go to be pushed around by the Primates of the Global South or did you go with him to be in alignment with the Archbishop of Canterbury?  Were you aware that your hard earned assessments were NOT being used to help with YOUR property fights because the Archbishops you joined spent 304,000 pounds to meet in Jamaica for two weeks and did not find your fight to be of any value? 

Okay, so pick up the phone and call beachwood 45789 209-952-0006.  Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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