Sunday, May 17, 2009

We All Belong Together (Or, Why ya goin' to Plano?)

Have ya'll seen the agenda for the "upcoming coronation meeting" of the Anglican Church in North America? Let me give the folks in the San Joaquin Valley a little taste of what is in store. The opening address is by the still deposed Mssers. Iker and Duncan. The later has declared himself to be the next Archbishop of the world and the former just plain hates women. (Remember, "I take no direction from Bishop Schori. She never has and never will be my bishop.) Then the truly great speakers come on board. First there is Pastor Rick Warren, then Metropolitan Jonah, and ending with Dr. Todd Hunter. Take a chance, look up the agenda here But folks, there is absolutely nothing there for you, the Anglican Church of the San Joaquin Valley. In fact the culminating event is the coronation of the King Archbishop Duncan. Really, look at the agenda, see anything there for even an Anglican of any stripe, let alone from the Central Valley? How does this group repay your bold first move away from the Episcopal Church? See anybody talking from your diocese about your trials and tribulations. About your victories and your successes? How about the Rev. McAlister or Gandenberger discussing the difficulties of losing court cases? More to the point, how ab out someone offering your diocese support to help offset the thousands and thousands of dollars you continue to pour into the court cases so that they can go be Archbishop?

You folks are farmers and cattle people and dairymen and agri-business folks. You must be willing to wait, because that is the nature of the businesses you are in. But how long? Sheesh, has Duncan been here to see how you are doing? Has the diocese of Pittsburgh kicked in a few bucks for court costs? How about Forth Worth? How about the Province of the Southern Cone? Certainly you are patient, but for how long? And, perhaps, just perhaps, you have been used the point on all the assaults and now you are expendable?

Look, we weren't perfect. We all know that. We have a lot of differences, we all know that. We need to talk a bunch and we all know that. But criminy, we love and care for you. We would not leave you holding the bag. Your diocesan folks are spending tons of dough going here and there and in a losing cause and what do you get out of it? A bigger assessment. More letters from the Bishop saying there is light at the end of the tunnel? Come on home, let's work this out. Bring your friends and neighbors and we will celebrate and then get to work. We have much to do.

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