Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

We have been blessed with an award.  The Honest Scrap Award comes to this blog by way of a good and faithful reader, cany.  Thank you, we are indeed honored to be in the company of such bloggers as Leonardo (my very first encounter, right Leonardo?), cany, a masterful blogger of the world of animals and politics, FranIam, Madpriest, Granmere and Friends of Jake!

Now, we are obliged to reveal 1o things heretofore not known about us.  So,

1, We have owned a Boston Great Dane of absolutely perfect proportions.  Unfortunately, while we owned her Boston (Black and Whites) were not showable.  We loved her anyway;

2, we owned one of the very first re-bred Tokinese cats.  A mix of Siamese and Burmese Tao was the most gentle of cats.  She would ride on my shoulders, she just loved it a bunch (and at 6'7" that was quite a ride);

3, we adopted a magnificent Siamese we named Mal Su.  But only for a short time as he developed a urinary tract infection and before we could find him  he was too far gone.

4, Connor Duncan is my grandson and he has connections with the Presiding Bishop, if you know what I mean;

5,  Wilma and I are good friends as well as all the other things that come with almost 39 years of marriage.

6, I love, honor and respect my two children.  Needless to say I am very proud of both my daughter and my son;

7, I am a huge procrastinator;

8, I came late to the blogging community but I am modestly addicted to it;

9, I have been so incredibly fortunate one would not believe (someday I will write about this.);

10, Finally, I credit my mother and my father for the greatest gift one could get, that is my faith.

Now, for the seven new blogs to be awarded my Honest Scrap Award:

1, Father T Listens,  I admire beyond words this blogging priest for reasons I cannot fully explain.

2, Preludium,  here again, Fr. Mark is a hero of mine (even though I get frustrated with him sometimes).

3, then there is my favorite friend James at the Three Legged Stool.

4, my newest old friend, Father Scott over at Father Scott and Co

5, then, Tobias Haller has become a great blog if you want to leave a blog scratching your head for about an hour, In A Godward Direction.

6, and, to my old friend Dusty, here ya go bud The Grapevine.

and, the final award to:

7, the person I am most jealous of; his knowledge of the scriptures simply boggles my mind the incomparable Goran Koch-Swahne.

I end where I began, with cany.  Thank you for your award and just for you -- ever try Messiah?

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