Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Revolution

Shays' Rebellion — a sometimes-violent uprising of farmers angry over conditions in Massachusetts in 1786 — prompted Thomas Jefferson to express the view that "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing" for America. Unlike other leaders of The Republic, Jefferson felt that the people had a right to express their grievances against the government, even if those grievances might take the form of violent action.

There is a "new" issue floating on both Thinking Anglicans, Friends of Jake and Preludium discussing the Communion Partners and the RCDC and the idea that churches/diocese are somehow independent entities vis-a-vis the "National Church" - The Episcopal Church in the United States.  As if ACNA is not enough, as if the "stealing of property in Quincy and Pittsburgh and San Joaquin and Fort Worth is not enough; as if the attempt way back when to abscond with the name "Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America" by Wantland and Schofield and Howe et al was not enough.  

Ladies and gentle persons of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America please WAKE UP".  This group, morphing as it does from one venue and name to the next, is not interested in creating an alternate province if you will or for that matter an alternate anything.  This group, from the time of Wantland and the rest through the Chapman Memo to the RCDC Covenant to the Communion Partners (Fr. Eaton?, are you listening) has set out to quite literally "kill"  the Episcopal Church as we know it.  These group does not want us to go away or become some thing else anymore than they wish to become another "denomination", they want to eliminate the Episcopal Church from the face of history books. This not a little revolution, as Jefferson speaks above, this is hunt the TEC down until there is no more room to maneuver and then eliminate them from existence.  This group wants nothing more than to erase TEC from not just the Anglican Communion but from existence. 

TEC plays nice and assumes that this group, ACNA - Communion Partners/ACI Schfield, Iker are all just angling for some pointy hats and more power.  You make this assumption at great risk my friends.  It must now be clear they want TEC gone - kaput- bye-bye! And the folks playing this game are in it for real and for good.  What did you expect from a person who says that "She (the presiding bishop, ++Schori) never has had any power over me.  Never has and never will." Iker, or how about mr. Duncan, did you think that the man who thought he should be "king" (actually presiding bishop) is just going to take his new role, hat and all and not strike back at Katherine Jefferts Schori and the church that deposed him even though his grandfather was an Anglican?  Did you think that the Archbishop of Nigeria, one who has condoned nasty violence against LGBT Christians and Muslims was going to simply allow TEC, the bane of his existence, to walk away or worse that he would just walk away?  No folks, this is not the pleasant parting of company between old friends, this is a group of people who will not rest until TEC is buried.  

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