Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have now seen the latest and greatest revision of the "Anglican Covenant" and once again it falls short. While many try to analyze it piece by piece or portion by portion or word by word the GAFCON community moves forward with its own agenda. While TEC gets hung up on language the GAFCONites get hung up on action. TEC thinks about things while the Global South pretty much does what it wants to do and when it wants to do it. TEC takes the Covenant as a document morally based and prayerfully considered while GAFCON takes the Covenant as a politically based and action oriented document. TEC wants to work things out through the normal "process" while GAFCON works out things. Just when are we going to learn? Perhaps it will take a deposed Robert Duncan sitting on a golden throne issuing orders to the Anglican Church of North America to wake people up. Will it take John David Mercer Schofield telling our Presiding Bishop ++Katherine Jefferts Schori that "even women have a place in the church" for the rest of this province to rise up?

The Covenant is a document designed to "put TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada in their place, or more profoundly, out of their place. It is a political document not a theological work and it is not written with the community of Christ in mind. Has anyone noticed that while we examine and wring our hands and reach for our thesaurus GAFCON meets and moves forward.

Can someone look up for one second to see what is happening? Does anyone have a plan besides the one in play now? We are all busy writing and analyzing and figuring out this document while GAFCON has already planned through the winter of 2010! We cannot play catch up! We must put a plan of action together that will turn the tables and put the pointy hatted people out!

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