Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday and The Light Of Day

In a previous post I attempted to provide sufficient information to demonstrate that there was a move to circumvent the Episcopal Church in the acceptance process of the latest revision of the "Covenant".  The authors/revisers have placed a poison pill clause in the document that will attempt to discredit and eventually eliminate the Episcopal Church in America-- at least for all intents and purposes.  I now wish to do two things.

First, here is proof positive that the intent by the reasserters is to do just that.  Here is an open letter to the Communion Partners from  the American Anglican Council.

An Open Letter to the Communion Partners Good Friday 2009
“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

On behalf of the Episcopal Desk of the American Anglican Council, we extend thanks to the Communion Partners group and the Anglican Communion Institute for their efforts to develop an Anglican Covenant that will establish doctrinal and disciplinary boundaries for those who wish to remain in the Anglican Communion—especially for those in TEC who continue to affirm the uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of all, the authority of His word and the faith once delivered to the apostles.

In the face of unprecedented departures from that faith by the leadership of TEC, the abuse of canon law by the Presiding Bishop and her House of Bishops, continued violations of the Communion moratoria on same-sex blessings, and accelerating litigation against the faithful, we affirm the right of individual Bishops and Dioceses to sign a Covenant—even over the objections of TEC’s leadership and General Convention .

. . . 
Under God’s mercy and faithfulness,

The Right Rev. David C. Anderson, President and CEO. American Anglican Council
The Rev. J. Philip Ashey, J.D., Chief Operating Officer and Chaplain, American Anglican Council 

As we saw in an earlier post the Diocese of West Texas has already set the ball rolling (so to speak).  Check out their website.  The resolution in the post two below this one is one of four on the West Texas diocese.  There is clearly a move to isolate and eliminate TEC.  These wascally wabbits need to be stopped.  The first step is always the light of day.

The Second Point is one closer to home.  There are two "groups" in the Communion Partners.  The first is the bishops group.  The second group is the rectors group.  One of the members of the rectors group is none other than San Joaquin's own Father Rob Eaton.  Yes, this is the clergy person who protested vehemently to the presiding Bishop that HE WAS THE STANDING COMMITTEE of San Joaquin after John David took the entire diocese including the Standing Committee to the Southern Cone.  This is the same Father Rob Eaton who showed up at the special San Joaquin convention in March and, after signing a pledge to remain Episcopal, rejected Bishop Lambs appointment and chastised the entire convention for convening illegally.  Yes, this is the same Father Rob Eaton who, after having his church's special Merrill Lynch account impounded decided that he could support Bishop Lamb and then went to the October Convention and tried to degrade those marginalized by John David by leading a substitute motion to "gut" the study of those marginalized by John David Mercer Schofield and his 20 years of failed policies.  This is the same Father Rob Eaton who went to the October convention and tried to ramrod a late resolution to give his parish special treatment on diocesan assessments.  This is the same Father Rob Eaton who is a member of the Rectors version of the Communion Partners and now wants to circumvent the Episcopal Church In the United States of America by being able to recognize the Covenant as a parish (check out the resolution and the RCDC revisions of the Covenant).   

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