Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proposition 8 and Starfish

I was reading another article on the amount of money expended on Proposition 8 here in California.  The number quoted was $70 million dollars.  Now, if the California Supreme Court ruling were to have stood and Proposition 8 was not written I just figured out how that money could have been spent.  World Vision has children that can be sponsored for $35.00 per month.  That means that to sponsor a child from 0 to 20 years old it would cost $8,400.00.  IF the $70 million was put toward to the World Vision program we could have sponsored 8,333.33 children from birth until they were 20 years old.  Now you say "That is not very many" and that reminds me of the story of the two people walking down the beach which was littered with starfish out of the water.  One of the two people walking along the beach  was slowly picking one star fish up and throwing it back into the water.   Then the person bent over, picked up another and threw that starfish back into the water.  The friend walking with the person tossing the starfish back in to the water asked , "What are you doing?".  The other person said, "I am saving starfish."  The friend said, "Surely you must know you cannot save all the starfish on the beach".  The other person simply bent over, picked up a starfish and threw it back in the water.  While the person was throwing the starfish back said "Saved that one". 

When faced with so many starfish, why would we direct our money to something so destructive when we could save another starfish?

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