Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is an open letter to those who are currently suffering from John David Schofielditis, also known as conealonialism.  The California Supreme Court has now ruled you do not own the property and cannot take the property with you and in fact you must give it back!  So let's look at the final score, shall we?

You cannot use the Book of Common Prayer, 1979.  You must use the book of common prayer 1662 (or maybe some variation of the theme, but your very own American Book of Common Prayer with all the great liturgy is out).

TEC 1 Conealonialism 0

You may not have women priests.  Oh, women have a place in the Conealonialism church just that the place is at the back of the bus - so to speak. So much for equality.

TEC 2 Conealonialism 0

You may not include everyone in your house of worship.  In fact, best I can tell you are going to have to have cameras in most peoples bedrooms.  So much for privacy.

TEC 3 Conealonialism 0

You may not help just anyone who needs assistance.  You must first discover whether they are "good Christians".  This will of course save you money for the trips your bishops like to take to and from Argentina.

TEC 3 Conealonialism 1 (opps!)

You may not think for yourselves.  If John David Schofield or Gregory Venables wants you to have an opinion they will issue you one.

TEC 4 Conealonialism 1

Your conventions will dramatically change now that you no longer rest under the umbrella of the Episcopal Church.  Speak with Gregory Venables about how they run their conventions. You do not get to choose anything.  You may get to vote, but the ballot is rigged.  But then you know how that works from your days with JDS.

TEC 5 Conealonialism 1

You are NOT affiliated with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  In fact I cannot imagine that you are affiliated with anyone except Greg Venables.  How sweet the sound?

TEC 6 Conealonialism 1

You do not own the property in which you worship.  You must give it ALL back and the sooner the better.  You folks that went just to stay with your family building -- might as well come on home now 'cause the buildings and the property are headed to the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.

TEC 7 Conealonialism 1 (Cal Supreme Ct 2)

So, the door is open and we would love to have you all back.  Want to know what you have missed?  Here is our website

Ready to come home?  Well, let's not wait any longer!  All you need to do is call 1-209-952-0006 and ask to speak with Bishop Lamb.  He is waiting - - - 

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