Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Open Letter to the "Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth, Quincy, Pittsburgh and San Joaquin

Dear Laity,

Each of you, individually and collectively, were promised by your respective leadership that by separating from The Episcopal Church of the United States of America that you would at a minimum, retain a close, if not closer relationship within the Anglican Communion.  Actually, having been at several meetings within the Diocese of San Joaquin, we were promised that our relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury would be solidified by voting to separate from TEC.  Well, how is Archbishop Rowan Williams these days?  Hey, lets look you guys up on the Anglican Communion website.  
For you folks in Pittsburgh: 

For you folks in Quincy:

For you all in Fort Worth:

and for everyone in San Joaquin:

Seems like your not known on this particular website.  Oh, but you say you may be known through the Province of the Southern Cone, after all, Archbishop Greg "Claimjumper" Venables has told John David Schofield that the Pope Opps wrong, the Archbishop of Canterbury likes him.  So let's see, here is the Southern Cone Province url:

By golly, your diocese are not there either?  So, just where "in heaven's name" are you guys?  Don't you think you ought to find out?  Looks to me like you are not associated with anyone remotely connected to the Archbishop of Canterbury!  Leo Jack Iker, Keith Ackerman, John David Mercer Schofield and Robert Duncan ALL Promised you that you would be members of the Anglican Communion and they moved you to never never land.  You say you are soon to be recognized in your own little province?  Guess again.  The Archbishop has clearly indicated that to do that you must follow certain rules and procedures and when someone begins that process the Archbishop's office will let them know.  You got any letters from ++Williams lately?  

Isn't it time you all demanded accountability from your friends in high places?  Will they stop promising you "pie in the sky in the by and by" and start delivering on simple things like maintaining your position in the Anglican Communion?

Keep in mind that the only Real Anglicans in the Unitied States are those belonging to The Episcopal Church.

Thanks for reading and oh, have a nice day!


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