Monday, January 5, 2009

California Sumpreme Court Gets It Right AGAIN!

For the second time in the last few months the California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of those who have been maligned and downtrodden.  The purple shirted ruffians have again been rebuffed.  First, the Court ruled in favor of Marriage equality allowing LGBT folks to marry.  BTW, the court will also have a chance to clear up that "November hiccup" just as they have now cleared up the issue of theft and deception in property.

From the AP news article:

In an unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court ruled that the property belongs to the Episcopal Church because the parishes agreed to abide by the mother church's rules, which include specific language about property ownership.

This is really good news for the Episcopal Church (national) and there is much more good news when one unpacks the ruling but I don't want to do that right now.  I want to take this opportunity to share in the joy that must be felt by parishioners in Taft and Turlock and Stockton and Oakdale and Bakersfield and all throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  I also do not want to forget those who were forced into sacrificing their church buildings to the mean-spirited  Southern Cone folks who have used the ill-gotten gains to support the foolhardy attempted theft of all the other buildings and property  from our diocese.  It is sad to think that even though the long nightmare is almost over for many there are still some, St. Dunstan's parishioners that comes to mind, that will never be able to recover.  Their property was sold out from underneath them and it is now impossible to recover.  Please keep these members in your prayers for their grief is heavy and their loss is both real and forever.

For those who have perpetrated this farce your time is now growing short.  Better that you give the property back now than wait for the courts to rule.  You will save your dollars (actually Episcopal dollars) but you will also save what little shred of decency you may have left.  It was one thing to decide to leave a church that has been nothing but good to you and it is one thing to lead others down "the garden path" but it is sinister and evil, to do so and then spend the money that is not yours to defend property that is not yours and thereby not only ruin the people that followed you but by spending those precious dollars that were not yours you leave those whose dollars they are with far fewer in order to follow Christ.  

Mr. Schofield you have now accomplished something no one else has done.  You have torn an Episcopal Diocese asunder for your own personal ego satisfying purposes.  You have ruined the lives of untold numbers by your actions over the last 20 years.  It is time to leave the stage, once and for all.

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