Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where Are We Going?

Here is a thought -- much as I love the Episcopal Church and all it stands for and everything it does I fear we are dying a slow death.  Not because of John David or Peter Akinola or any of those buffoons who are generally pilferers, charlatans and slight of hand magicians.  At least not in the direct sense. 

Go over to the Friends of Jake blog and take the liberal/conservative quiz and see where you land?  I will tell you right now I scored a 342 -- well passed liberal democrat and out into the progressive stratosphere.  Those that took the time to post their scores were in many cases similar to my score.  Now, here is the grabber, most of us, No offense to anyone, were raised in the sixties.  We saw what segregation does to peoples souls, we saw the seamy side of politics, we saw war first hand in all its horrific glory and we saw what poverty can do to children.  We saw the affects of children having children.  Many of us, in our lives, met the devil firsthand and became incredible advocates for the gospel according to Jesus Christ -- as opposed to the gospel according to Mitt Romney or the gospel according to the IRD or the gospel according to Newt Gingrich.  After all of that and a few years of greed and high rolling and boats and motor homes and huge homes and growing elitism many of my  generation became enamoured with greenbacks and "personal growth" and many have forgotten that those one meets on the way up are the same people you will meet on the way down.  Derivatives, equity managers, MBAs with literally no ethics lead the way for those who are wannabes.  Those who look at the middle class and rather than join a union and fight for the rights of most have been sold a bill  of goods and believe that if they cannot have all the good things the union folks have then no one should have those things.  Figure that out.  The poor get poorer but think they can become rich by copying what the rich think.  You wonder if hey haven't been smoking an electrical banana. 

We, the progressives of this world, a huge portion of which are Episcopalians, may be passed over, by, through and around.  We may become the minority crying in the wilderness while unwanted babies die from hunger, neglect and mis-treatment.  While public education becomes the elite school for rich kids.  While we get bedroom police and marriage cops.  While families are laid off so that they can clip their non-existent coupons while their jobs are sent to any nation in the world who can be taken advantage of.  but hey, we will get more candy bars while we die from the common cold because no one has health insurance any more.

Our beloved TEC will no be  destroyed by those hammer heads from the far side of the spectrum but rather we stand a real chance of simply being passed by and left to watch.

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