Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Old Ways Are Dying!

The school in which I am most closely associated has an incredibly diverse attendance that is something like 41% Filipino, 50% Hispanic (mostly Mexican-American) about 7% Black/African American, 2% multi-racial and 1% Caucasian.  I believe we are but one typical school in a sea of about 10 or 11,000 schools in California.  We revel in our diversity and celebrate the many cultures in which we are so richly blessed. 

The  current backlash, of which the ACNE church is but a part, longs for the old days.  The days when their church parishioners blindly followed their bishops.  Who long for the all white singular culture that they enjoyed as children.  They long for the days of the 50's when everything lead to "Happy Days".  Education was simply white children learning to be good factory workers and did not have to, heaven forbid) think about issues that were ten and are today more relevant.  Why does the Episcopal church have to cater to the whims of every person that walks through the doors? Why do they not just partake of the offertory and enjoy the cultural ties that are the "standard"? The ACNE followers are perplexed why a whole bunch of Episcopalians want to understand a culture that does not belong here anyway?  Love God and Love your neighbor are not the real issues for them; the real issues for them are illegal immigration, homosexuality, subservient behavior and control of everything that happens. 

That is played upon by those who have tried to become bishops and failed in the Episcopal church so they made up their own and everybody now gets purple shirts and their own diocese to play with. Why? Because they believe they can revert back to the "good old days". 

Do not let the ACNE church fool you.  It is NOT about God or Jesus or the Spirit.  It is about power and control of everything cultural and economic and worker.  The rich get richer and the poor get Mitt Romney and George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Those days are numbered my friends.  One cannot stop the wave of diversity and multi-culturalism that is sweeping our church and the nation.  Love thy neighbor and the new testament are growing in strength everyday.  I do not wish anyone ill-will but the old days are gone and the old people will die and the new (all though the principles are as old as Jesus) are slowly taking over and there is nothing one can do but help create  this new and loving church.

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