Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ignorance Is Bliss

I believe this is the new mantra for the Conelonialists. Why do I believe that?  Well, the final Canadian Supreme Court decision has been out for days.  Many bloggers have picked up on it and written about it.  The problem is that none of the "biggies" have even mentioned the decision.  What is the decision, you may ask.  In a nutshell the Supreme Court of Canada has determined that the property that was stolen from the Anglican Church of Canada by the Conelonialists and there henchmen MUST be returned to the rightful owners, that would be the Anglican Church of Canada.  Let me say this one more time so that everyone can understand -- The one, final and complete decision in Canada is that ALL the property stolen by the friends of the Anglican Church in North America must be returned to the Anglican Church of Canada.

Now, this, it would seem is good news for us in San Joaquin, Fort Worth, Quincy, Virginia, Pittsburgh and while Canada has nothing to do with us here in the United States it is big news for us.  Except no one from Stand Limp to Title 1/9 and MJC and even Karaoke Land has never mentioned one word. 

The only thing I can posit is that ignorance is bliss -- but you already knew that.

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