Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There Is Joy in "Mudville" Tonight

Well, we, the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has announced the proposed selection of our new provisional bishop to succeed our current bishop, Jerry Lamb.  It seems that Bishop Chet Talton, retired suffragan bishop from Los Angeles has agreed to become the new provisonal bishop of our diocese.  We are pleased to have him aboard (election will take place in March) and we will have one last chance to say farewell to Bishop Lamb and salute him for the absolutely outstanding work he has done here in San Joaquin. 

You may all read the formal announcement here

Thnaks to everyonefor their prayers, especially  our world famous Grandmere Mimi -- she is a real prayer warrior and I am thnkful to have had her praying for us!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Prayers, not to mention everyday ongoing thoughts for the well-being of all of you in San Joaquin, continue undisrupted--very cool about your new Bishop--just another wonderful ingrediant in the ALL NEW Episcopal Church Diocese of San Joaquin diversity mix!

WOW! Who´s next, +Gene Robinson after he retires?

Wouldn´t that be wonderful!

JCF said...

Congrats & Blessings!

Fred Schwartz said...


Yes, we would love to have Bishop Robinson should the situatin arise. I think Bishop Talton is absolutely the very best pick we could have found. I believe we will do great things under his leadership -- and with the lay leadership we have here in our diocese.

Padre Mickey said...

Bishop Talton is a great bishop and wonderful person. He will help keep moving things along in San Joaquin.