Thursday, September 2, 2010

They Bite the Hand . . .

If you do not read Jon Carroll (SF Chronicle) then one is missing a very fine columnist. In the September 2, edition Mr. Carroll takes on the "greed" that seems to have overtaken our country. In the middle of his column Mr. Carroll writes this, "Very rich people always believe that thier success is the result of a hard work and great virtue. They don't like to think that they are the beneficiaries of a rigged system." The gap is growing ever so much larger between the rich and everyone else. What strikes me as odd is that many of "us" think that we (us) are in that 1% that are considered rich.

Now, someone is not playing with a proverbial full deck, yet, those who enjoy the fruit provided by unions are now thinking that unions are the cause of all our problems. There are many of "us" that think that pensions are "too high" and must be cut. There are still more of us that want so badly to have health benefits but will shop at non-union organizations and organizations that make a living on non-union non-full-time workers, Walmart.

There are those of "us" who now want to repeal social security and medicare and supplemental income because they are "too expensive". Where are their minds? When they get to 65 (or whatever) and there is no social security or it is so low that they cannot survive then what?

And what gives the Wall Street "whiz kids" the right to be bailed out and then dump on the American public when new taxes are suggested (actually not new taxes, just a repeal of the cuts made by my favorite president). A significant drawback to capitalism, particularly big corporations, ones that have been "bailed out" is that they now believe they are invincible -- or at least untouchable because they are "essential to our capitalism economy".

And one expects this from Meg Whitman, Daniel Loeb, Haliburton, and others but from Joe the plumber and Jim Sixpack?

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