Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday Fireworks

By now you must be aware that the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is meeting for the second (actually the third time) since the split. A couple of parishes have now rejoined us (TEC diocese of San Joaquin) which will make this an interesting convention. In addition, we have one of the illustrious Communion Partner Rectors in this diocese as well. If you do not remember who the Communion Partners are look them up on the web at There you will find our own Rev. Rob Eaton. These are the folks who think they can be Episcopalian and not live by the constitution canons and prayerbook of TEC. With this cast of characters located in the heart of the "get us out of the United Nations" territory we have the following three resolutions:

This resolution continues the Equality Commission from our first formal convention in which the delegates, tired of John David Schofield's mean-spiritedness authorized the beginnings of a change to reconcile those previously marginalized including gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons, women, and various ethnic communities. Unfortunately the handicapped are still not included, at least not in this resolution. Father Rob Eaton and the gang from the Communion Partners tried to gut this resolution when it hit the floor by providing a substitute resolution but it did not work. Their representative to this commission quit in a huge huff. Should be exciting.

Then there is this one:

This is a resolution to affirm the GC Resolution D025.

Then there is this resolution:

which affirms the General Convention Resolution C056.

Please pray for the convention delegates because these issues are so very important and we are such a fledgling diocese and 10 things can go wrong and 9 of them are not very good.

More as things unfold. Check back beginning on Friday night.

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